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Parkrun Tourism

This week was one of travelling and celebration, and I didn’t get a huge amount of quality running done, so only a short post this week.

The first portion of the week was filled with slow running, as I was still suffering slightly from the previous week’s long run. I tried to put some miles in at tempo pace, but it wasn’t really happening. I also gave interval training a miss on Thursday to further my recovery.

Day Distance (miles) Pace (mins/mile) Notes
Mon 5.8 8:45 with Andover AC
Tue Rest    
Wed Rest (Badminton)    
Thu 3.6 8:19  
Fri 2.9 8:50  
Sat 3.1 6:46 Barry Island parkrun
Sun 5.6 8:16  

Total: 21.9 miles, 3 hours 1 minute

On the weekend...

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