About Me

I'm a 24 year old software developer.

I currently work at Netcraft as an Internet Services Developer. I studied Computing at university, graduating with First Class honours from Imperial College London.

After growing up in South Wales and attending university in London, I am now living and working in Bath.

Check out my CV for more information on my skills and experience, or you can go to my GitHub profile where a lot of my recent work is viewable. This has mostly been in Ruby and Perl recently, and a few other things in the more distant past.

My blog has a small number of posts about things that I think others might find useful, or anything I find interesting, and more recently has become a personal record of a major side project I'm working on - creating an advanced prediction system for Fantasy Football player and team performance. Check it out here.

In my spare time, I run (Strava), I drink (Naked Wines and Untappd) and I music (for example - I'm the lanky one in the middle). And, unsurprisingly, I play Fantasy Football.

Contact Me

I have Facebook and Twitter, message me on either and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

You can also email me at owen [at] odavi [dot] es

About this Site

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